Monday, May 24, 2010


Uttu is the Sumarian Spider Goddess of the domestic arts; She rules the household and the art of weaving and cloth.  The sign for Her name was also used for the word 'spider' which most likely entails a connection to Her tutelage of the weaving arts. In producing cloth, She shared with human wives their creative function. Uttu was believed to be the model of a perfect Sumarian wife. In fact, in one of the later myths, Enki gives Uttu charge of everything that relates to women.  She also aids in difficult childbirth and is skilled in herbal medications. 

She was previously thought to be the Goddess of plants and vegetation.  For example, in one tale, we find Uttu as the daughter of Enki and his granddaughter, Nindura. (Quite a lot of incest in these early myths).  When Enki made advances on Her, She demanded cucumbers, apples, and grapes as a gift.  And after She was showered by gifts, he raped Her, and as a result of their union, eight new plants sprang new child/trees and the eighth as the "Tree of Life". 

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