Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Eir is the Norse Goddess of Healing.  She is a master physician who wields power in the healing of the mind, body, and spirit.  Eir knows the secret powers of the herbs and has even been known to resurrect the dead.  She bestows healing and wisdom only to women for in Scandinavia women dominated this honorable field.   She is depicted as a beautiful, slender young woman with reddish blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. 

It is said that She resides on Mount Lyfia (to heal through magic) where She utilizes Her many magical and natural techniques to provide help to those in need.  She uses  herbs that She has gathered from all over the world and had prepared magically to bind wounds and cure illnesses.  As patroness of health care workers and healers, she prefers, in addiction to herbs,  gentle, holistic methods of natural healing such as flower essences, folk medicine, massage, nutrition, and shamanic soul retrieval. 


  1. oh another new one to me :) thanks for the fab info xx

  2. My kind of girl! All my likes - "flower essences, folk medicine, massage, nutrition and shamanic soul retrieval."

  3. I was poking around the internet today looking for information on the Goddess Eir and came upon your fantastic blog! I've spent quite a bit of time here looking through your posts and have to tell you that you are a fountain of information on Goddesses!

    Thank you so much for sharing and I will be back to visit often!

    Blessed Be,
    Embracing My Goddess-Self

  4. Thank you for such an awesome entry! I was also looking for information on Eir today and came across your blog. You have a great blog. :-)